LIM Sunhee The Medium : Layered, Lined

Study for King Charles Spaniels, 2019, Oil on Canvas, 50x60cm (1/3)

King Charles Spaniels (2019)의 study 작품으로 두꺼운 윤곽선과  면으로 이루어진 강아지들은 시선을 정면으로 바라보고 있으며, 2차원적으로 평평하게 표현되어 인공적인 느낌이 강하게 전달되는 작품이다.

As the study of Kings Charles Spaniels (2019) artwork, the puppies with thick outlines and brushstrokes all look at the front, but as expressed flat in two dimensions, it delivers artificial and manufactured feelings.

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