KIM Hyunjung Painting on painting

Divided Wind, 2018, Oil on Canvas, 112.1 x 162.1 cm

고인돌이 있는 언덕을 그린 그림이다. 돌의 묘사는 거칠고 투명한 검푸른색으로 시간성과 신비로운 느낌을 주도록 하였고, 밑에 풀들은 부분마다 다른 바람 속에 있는 듯하게 표현하였다.

The painting of a hill with a dolmen delivers a description of a stone in rough and transparent black and blue colors in order to give a sense of time and mystery. The grasses underneath were expressed as if they were under the different winds in parts.

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