Kim Taedong Starlight : Relics of Time exhibition work

PLANETES-017, 2018 , archival pigment print, 112 x 84 cm

<PLANETES-017> 은 인천상륙작전 기념관 야외에 전시되어 있는  미사일을 담은 작품이다.  이 기념관은 인천상륙작전을 통해 한국전쟁의 흐름을 뒤바꾼 역사적 사실을 기념하고자  조성되었다. <

<PLANETES-017> is a work of missiles displayed outside the Incheon Landing Operation Memorial Hall. The memorial hall was built to commemorate historical facts that reversed the flow of the Korean War through the Incheon Landing Operation.

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