Kim Taedong Starlight : Relics of Time exhibition work

PLANETES-004, 2017 , archival pigment print, 84 x 112 cm

사진속의 건물은 철원 노동당사로 한국전쟁의 대표적인 전쟁유적이다.
현재 포탄 자국이 즐비한 앙상한 뼈대만이 남아 치열한 격전지였음을 짐작하게 한다.
1946년 조선로동당사로 사용하다 전쟁후 남한에 귀속되었으며 서태지의 발해를 꿈꾸며 뮤직비디오의 촬영지이기도 하다.

The building in the picture is the Cheorwon Labor Party building, a representative war site of the Korean War.
Only the skeletons of shell marks remain, suggesting that it was a fierce battleground.
It was used as the Joseon Rodongdang Company in 1946 and was returned to South Korea after the war.
It is also the location of the music video, dreaming of Balhae by Seo Taeji who is a famous singer in Korea.


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